Footballing Memories

Pat Eagan

Former player and Club Man of the Year 1977, Pat recalls his time with the club.

Published: September 2021

Lourdes Celtic Player 1974-78
Honours: Club Man of Year 1977

What are some of your favourite memories of your time at Lourdes Celtic?

Going to Away Cup Matches in one of Laverty’s Coaches. Winning Club Man of the Year 1977 and Eddie Roche explaining the value of the award. Watching the 3 lads who went to Arsenal as apprentices on Saturday Morning Football Focus 1976.

Who were the people at the Club back then?

Eddie Roche, Sean Murphy, Ciaran Collins, Bower, Morris/ Morrie Price.

Who was your manager and what did you learn from him?

Eddie Roche. Inner Wealth is the most valuable wealth to possess.

What does a club like Lourdes Celtic mean to the local community?

Helps the youth of the community to make the right decisions through the professionalism of its managers.

Have you any advice for any young kids beginning their journey at Lourdes?

Learn, Listen, Respect and you will be a better person on the Journey with Lourdes.

Can you sum up Lourdes Celtic Football Club in one sentence?

Lourdes Celtic is a club of equal opportunity and it’s up to each individual to take that opportunity.

The front and reverse of Pat's original membership card from his time at Lourdes Celtic.